DREW, The Best Air Purifier As Seen On Tokopedia

Air purifiers are one of the most important items to have in every home. Air purifiers are one of the most preferred solutions to the growing number of health problems caused by air pollution. Air pollution is caused by a number of factors, including bacteria, viruses, smoke, dust, and pet dander.

In February 2024, Tokopedia published their ranking of air purifiers. Among other brands, DREW, whose mission was to make living healthier easier, came on top as the best air purifier.

Here are some reasons why DREW has been nominated as the best air purifier by Tokopedia.

1. Minimalistic and Compact Design
DREW air purifier is meant to be minimalistic and compact so that it does not ruin the interior aesthetics while also being able to be positioned anywhere without requiring a large space. Despite its minimalistic design, DREW air purifier nonetheless provides the best protection for your family.


2. Best HEPA Filter
DREW cares about the user's health, so the materials used in the production are always of the highest quality. All DREW air purifiers use HEPA 13 to provide cleaner air free of harmful particles such as allergens, pollution, dust, viruses, bacteria, and pet dander. This is why it was preferable to overcome dust allergies, dander allergies, cough and fever, or even daily pollution problems.


3. Carbon Filter
Smoke and unpleasant odours are two factors that concern people about air pollution. DREW's carbon filter can neutralize smoke and unpleasant odours created by cooking, smoking, or even baby diapers. Eliminating them could also  allowing you to carry out your everyday activities comfortably.

4. Non-harmful UV-C
Dangerous particles were captured on the filter and with the use of UV-C, which has been proven to be 99.97% effective in killing viruses and bacteria, ensuring that they do not survive or multiply on the filter. Do not be concerned about UV-C being exposed to your skin and causing a radiation threat; it is completely sealed inside the DREW air purifier and will not shine through the devices, making it safe for newborns to adults.

5. Different Varieties Based On Needs
DREW offers a variety of air purifiers to meet your needs, including models for the bedroom, kitchen, study room, living room, and even on the move. You can select the appropriate air purifier based on the available options and area coverage. Check on each different air purifiers here


6. Easy to Use and Maintain
DREW air purifiers are designed to clean and monitor air quality with an one touch of a button. Furthermore, replacing filters does not require any additional assistance or tools; you just need to replace it every 6 months.

7. Filter Replacement System
One of the most common problems for air purifier users is failing to remember when to replace the filter. This could leave air purifiers ineffective, and the filter itself could be a source of illness. As a result, DREW developed the 'Filter Replacement System', which alerts customers to the need to replace the filter on a regular basis.


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