Air Pollution and Ways to Prevent It

Air polluted with various harmful particles not only harms the natural environment, but it can also impact human health. These particles originate from a variety of sources, including cigarette smoke, factory or industrial emissions, waste or forest burning, and motor vehicle exhaust. 


Avoid Pollution Threats
Air pollution is not always related to the outside air. It's common to encounter indoor air pollution. This is typically caused by contamination from a variety of pollution sources, including cooking smoke, cigarette smoke, cleaning products, air fresheners, and other airborne contaminants.

To reduce the possibility of negative impacts from air pollution, one possible measure is to avoid pollution sources. To prevent causes of air pollution, consider the following tips:

1. Limiting the use of devices that can cause pollution
Not many people are aware that there are numerous items around the house that can actually be sources of air pollution. For instance, floor cleaners and mosquito repellents with strong odors, and even air fresheners, can also be sources of pollution.

Knowing this allows you to limit the use of numerous things that contribute to air pollution. If truly necessary, you can apply these products in areas that are not usually visited by people.

2. Maintaining cleanliness and placing plants that can absorb pollution
Placing plants inside the house is one of the natural and practical ways to avoid air pollution. Some types of plants that can absorb pollution include the spider plant, chrysanthemums, dracaena trees, and many more.


Effects Caused by Air Pollution
Because of the serious health risks that air pollution poses, it is impossible to view polluted air as a minor issue in life. Air pollution can cause everything from pregnancy abnormalities to mental health issues to respiratory problems.

1. Respiratory Tract Disorders
The respiratory system is the organ system in the human body that is most frequently affected by air pollution. Air pollution carries various harmful particles that can directly disrupt the organs included in the respiratory system

Given that children's lungs and other respiratory organs are still developing, this may be particularly harmful to their respiratory systems. There is a chance that a child's developing respiratory system could be affected by dirty air.

Long-term exposure to air pollution can lead to a variety of respiratory problems and worsening pre-existing conditions.

2. Mental Disorders
Recent studies have found that exposure to air pollution over an extended period can lead to mental health issues, such as bipolar disorder, personality disorders, and depression.


3. Fetal Disorders
Polluted air can harm pregnant women and their unborn children. The fetus may develop a variety of cognitive issues after birth.

Furthermore, it can result in premature births with low birth weights.

However, this does not occur without reason. It is crucial for expectant mothers to take care of their health at all times and to try to limit their exposure to environmental contaminants.

Sources of Air Pollution
There are two types of air pollution sources: outdoor and indoor pollution. The following are some causes of air pollution:

1. Factories
The manufacturing process in industries frequently produces smoke waste, which rises and blends into the surrounding atmosphere. This seems difficult to avoid, considering that factories are one of the evidences of the industrial revolution.

2. Household Products
Detergent and floor cleaner products contain chlorine and ammonia, substances that can increase the risk of respiratory disorders and thus can be categorized as air pollution. You can use masks and gloves to reduce the risk when using products containing these substances.

3. Irregular Urban Planning
If a city has a well-organized pattern and layout, public transportation will surely be more efficient and effective, encouraging more people to choose public transit for travel.

However, urban patterns are not yet well-organized in reality, thus private vehicles remain vital to the society. This is why air quality has become worse, resulting in pollution.

4. Furniture and Carpets
Generally, carpets contain VOCs or volatile organic compounds that are harmful to health, especially for those with allergies and asthma. Excessive exposure to VOC gases can cause nausea, headaches, eye irritation, and sore throat.

Additionally, new wooden furniture also contains hazardous gas emissions such as formaldehyde, which can cause respiratory issues.

Therefore, before using new carpets and furniture, it's advisable to air them out for a day.

Tips to Protect Ourselves from Air Pollution
The abundance of dangerous substances caused by air pollution needs specific precautions to protect yourself, your family, and others from air pollution contamination.

1. Minimize the use of chemicals.
Various household equipment and supplies contain harmful substances to the body and can pollute the air. You can replace them with safer options. For example, instead of air fresheners, use flowers or orange peels.

2. Choose less-crowded travel routes.
Busy travel routes often pollute the air with exhaust from cars. Choosing less congested routes can help you reduce your exposure to air pollution.

Ways to Prevent Air Pollution at Home
It is commonly known that air pollution exists both outdoors and indoors. Indoor air pollution can be prevented in a variety of ways.

1. Planting anti-polluting plants
Various plants may absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), which is harmful to the body. You can grow these plants indoors to reduce air pollution. Snake plants are one example of such plants that can be grown. This plant is thought to be capable of absorbing air pollutants surrounding it.

2. Installing an Air Purifier
Air purifiers or filters can be used to remove a variety of indoor pollutants from homes and cars. These devices can reduce air pollution, which may be harmful to the body.

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