DREW Air Purifier - PURE 1

Rp 1.939.300 Rp 2.365.000

Small enough to fit anywhere,

Strong enough to clean any air

Breathe the clean air in your room without losing your style, we've perfected the shape to fit yours.

The dynamic duo to purify  
your air quality

HEPA 13 Filter that purify up to 99,97% of air particles combined with carbon filter to reduce bad odors in the air. They can filter out impurities and particles in the air such as virus, dust, mites, eggs and excretions, molds, allergens, pollen, bacteria, smoke, allergens from the pet's fur and other air pollutants.

UVC Light for virus prevention

UVV Light mode to sterilize the air you breathe by inactivating the virus and other indoor air pollutans to give the best air quality for you and family.

To let it bright
at night

DREW Pure 1 with the warm ambient night light to reduce stress, create more relax environment, and boost your daily performance.

High capacity without 
wasting your energy

We don't want you to waste energy, so DREW created this air purifier device with just 45 watt electricity + timer option to suit your preference.


Details that matter


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