DREW Air purifier - PURE 3+

Rp 2.040.500 Rp 2.915.000

Your Air Quality in Glance of Colors
Constantly measure the air quality and let you know the air condition with light indicator, so you're aware and can make improvements to your living space with auto mode.

Good (White)

Air quality is considered satisfactory and air pollution poises little or no risk.

Moderate (Yellow)

Air quality is acceptable. However, for some pollutants there may be a moderate health concern for those who are unusual to air pollution.

Unhealthy (Orange)

Everyone may begin to experience health effect. Members of sensitive groups may experience more serious health effects.

Hazardous (Red)

Health alert! Everyone may experience more serious health effects.

Beyond Easy
Don't worry about turning it on or off, with Air Quality sensor automatically cleanse and produce the best air while maintaining the most efficient energy.

No More Hassle
Just unbox, plug in and power on! Let DREW do the rest!

Place it in any spot
In the center or at any corner, with 360º filtration work effectively.

Seriously Simple with DREW Pure 3+!

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